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At Distinctive Lighting, we understand the importance of maintaining and cleaning your lighting fixtures regularly. With spring just around the corner, now is the perfect time to give your lighting fixtures some much-needed attention. A thorough cleaning and maintenance routine will not only keep your fixtures looking their best but also extend their lifespan and ensure they perform optimally. Here are some essential tips to help you with your spring cleaning, and stop by our local lighting showroom in Bozeman today.

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Start by dusting your lighting fixtures to remove any accumulated dirt and debris. Use a microfiber cloth or a soft brush to gently wipe the surface and remove any dust particles. Be careful not to put too much pressure on delicate fixtures.

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Cleaning Glass Shades

If your fixtures have glass shades, it’s essential to clean them properly. Mix a solution of mild dish soap and warm water, and use a soft cloth or sponge to clean the shades. Rinse thoroughly and dry with a lint-free cloth to avoid streaking.

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Attention to Ceiling Fans

Don’t forget about your ceiling fans! Use a damp cloth or a ceiling fan duster to remove dust from the blades and motor housing. Ensure the fan is turned off before cleaning, and be careful not to bend or damage the blades.

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Checking Electrical Connections

Along with cleaning, inspect the electrical connections of your lighting fixtures. Ensure that all wires are properly connected and there are no loose or exposed wires. If you notice any issues or concerns, it’s recommended to consult a professional electrician.

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Replacing Bulbs

Spring cleaning is a perfect time to check and replace any burnt-out bulbs. Be sure to use the correct wattage and type of bulbs recommended for your fixtures.


If you need any assistance with lighting fixture maintenance or have any questions, our team at Distinctive Lighting is always here to help. Contact our lighting designers at our Bozeman showroom today to schedule a consultation or explore our wide selection of lighting solutions for your home.

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