Our Lighting Products

Beyond the practical use of lighting when performing household chores or entertaining, the right lighting can truly set the mood for your entire home. You have spent countless hours decorating your home and cultivating an environment that is not only comfortable but matches your style perfectly, therefore, it is of the utmost importance that your home is properly and beautifully illuminated.

We offer a wide selection of lighting fixtures, from ceiling lights to floor lamps, so that no matter the tone you want your home to portray, we’ve got you covered. At Distinctive Lighting, we hand select lighting fixtures that we know our customers will love. Browse our selection to discover your new favorites in lighting.

Ceiling lights are one of those things that most of us take for granted— that is until we don’t have them. Beyond being convenient, ceiling lights cast light over an entire room, not just a select corner, and the right one can contribute immensely to the overall style of any room. Whether you are looking for a statement piece or something more understated, we are positive that there is something in our wide selection for you. We offer an expansive variety of high-quality ceiling light options, made to suit any and all styles. Our team believes that our customers deserve only the best, so we work hard to only offer the most reliable and sought-after fixtures on the market. Browse our selection of elegant and stylish ceiling lights to find your new favorites.

The right lamp can complete your decor and offer useful illumination, while the wrong one can look drab and offer little light to work with. When choosing the lamp that is right for you, it is important to not only consider the activities that will take place and tasks that will be accomplished in that room but to think about the style and mood that you want that room to take on.

An office may require a bold desk lamp, while a child’s bedroom may necessitate a playful and sturdy floor lamp. Whatever your lighting necessities may be, we can meet them. We proudly offer a wide variety of floor and table lamps, complementing any room’s use or decor. Browse our selection to find the perfect lighting solution today.

From lighting bathroom mirrors to illuminating entryways, wall lights create understated and elegant lighting for all rooms in the home. A wall light can be anything from a way to light up an art piece to a piece of art itself. Choosing the right one is vital to ensuring the cohesiveness of your style. At Distinctive Lighting, we place an emphasis on quality; and though we offer a wide array of wall light choices, we have hand selected each piece to ensure they are of the highest quality regarding both durability and style. We believe that our customers deserve nothing but the best, so that’s all that we offer. Browse our wide selection of wall lights and let us help you beautifully illuminate your home.

The trip from the walkway to the door of your home can influence whether your guests feel welcome or cause them to want to walk away. Whether you are looking to illuminate your barbecue on a summer evening, or are trying to light up the pathway to your home, outdoor lights are a necessary addition to your outdoor decor. From brightening a sidewalk or entry to highlighting decor, outdoor lighting is the key to ensuring a pleasant outdoor experience for you and your guests. Browse our collection to find the right outdoor lighting solution for your needs and let us help you illuminate your landscape.

Allowing you to avoid heavy use of indoor air conditioning, energy-efficient fans are a gift to your utility bill and your comfort. With fans, you can feel a cool breeze all summer long, with no need to worry about your energy bill rising. At Distinctive Lighting, we offer an extensive selection of high-quality fans that will not only keep you cool but will fit stylishly with your home decor. Discover your favorites by browsing and shopping now.

Accent pieces solidify your home decor and give you an opportunity to express your own unique style in a way that is typically impossible with furniture alone. The right wall hanging or knick-knack can tie your room and your overall decor together beautifully. At Distinctive Lighting, we have hand-selected a wide variety of stylish and elegant pieces to fit every style, from the traditional to contemporary. Focusing on quality and style, we strive to build up a catalog of choices that give you the ability to enhance your space exactly the way you would like. Browse our selection to find your new favorite home accent pieces, and make your home a true reflection of what you love.