2020 lighting trends distinctive lighting bozeman

Lighting is constantly evolving with new designs and features being released constantly. If you account for the innovation that technology brings, lighting could be close to a revolving door of changing trends.

Distinctive Lighting in Bozeman offers the best indoor and outdoor lighting to suit your needs. From ceiling light and lamps to fans and home accents, we offer an amazing variety of lighting to suit your taste, style, and needs. Below, we’ll go over some lighting trends that we are seeing in 2020 that may be of value as you consider lighting for your home, office, or outdoor space. Schedule an appointment with one of our certified lighting specialists today to learn more!


Cleaner Lines

Modern styles are still the norm today, and intricate, ornate, and detailed lighting is beautiful to behold, they don’t quite cut it in a room full of modern furniture designs. Thus, simpler lighting designs are becoming more popular with clear glass lighting leading the way. The trend in minimalism also fits in perfectly with the cleaner look, especially for lighting fixtures that are more low-profile. Expect one type of metal to be used as well.

Geometric Shapes

Geometric shapes in lighting are not only cool to look at, but they also fit in perfectly with homeowners’ and business owners’ desire for cleaner lines. From octagon pendants in the kitchen to hexagon chandeliers in the dining room, these lights are sure to make a statement to anyone who sees them. They will complement any look without overwhelming the room.

LED Lighting in Every Room

With the emphasis on reducing our carbon footprint and the fact that LED lighting keeps getting cheaper, more people are jumping on the LED bandwagon and incorporating LED lighting in every room in every lighting fixture. Not only does LED lighting save you money in utility costs and lasts much longer than incandescent lighting, but the light they emit is bright and perfect for task lighting. LED lighting is available in multiple colors, brightness, shapes, and designs and can be used to add a unique element to your lighting design.

Vintage & Retro Are Back

Just like in clothes, lighting styles can cycle back around as well. Edison-style lights and retro looks are back in fashion, just modified to be a bit warmer. The nostalgic design of the clear light bulb fits in perfectly in modern designs and minimalistic styles, plus it invokes a historical, older feel to newer homes. These light bulbs are available in LED lighting options as well. A system of these Edison-style lights will look great in your kitchen or living area.


Whether you are adding on to your home or you are remodeling a room or office space, Distinctive Lighting in Bozeman has got your indoor and outdoor lighting needs covered. We offer a wide variety of lighting, such as ceiling lights, lamps, wall lights, outdoor and landscape lighting, ceiling fans, and home accents. Speak with a certified lighting specialist today!