Porch lights

When most people think of outdoor lights, they think of porch lights and security lights. While those are both important types of outdoor lighting, there are many other options available that can transform your backyard. In this blog post, we will discuss four types of outdoor lights that can add value to your home and make your backyard more enjoyable.

Task Lighting

Task lighting is a type of outdoor light that is designed to illuminate a specific area. This can be anything from a light over the grill to accent lights around the perimeter of your patio. Task lighting is perfect for backyard parties or BBQs, as it can make it easier to see what you’re doing.

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting is another type of outdoor light that can add atmosphere to your backyard. These lights are typically dimmer than task lights and are meant to create a certain mood. String lights are a popular type of ambient light, and they can be used year-round to create a cozy space in your backyard.

Security Lighting

Security lighting is an important type of outdoor light for any home, as it can deter burglars and provide a sense of safety. There are many different types of security lights available, from floodlights to motion-sensor lights. It’s important to find a security light that meets your needs and fits the style of your home.

Landscape Lighting

Finally, landscape lighting can be used to highlight certain features in your backyard or add a bit of curb appeal. These lights are designed to accentuate specific areas, such as gardens, trees, or walkways. Landscape lighting is a great way to add value to your home and make your backyard more enjoyable.

Outdoor lights are a great way to improve the look and feel of your backyard. By adding task lighting, ambient lighting, security lighting, or landscape lighting, you can create a space that is more enjoyable and attractive. Outdoor lights can also add value to your home, making it a great investment. So if you’re looking to improve your backyard, don’t forget about the power of outdoor lighting. When you’re searching for high-quality light fixtures from the most trusted brands in the industry, come on into the Distinctive Lighting showroom in Bozeman to speak to one of our lighting experts.

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