Your kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your home, so you want to be able to have the best source of lighting available. Distinctive Lighting is a Bozeman, Montana, lighting store that serves area homeowners and business owners with their indoor and outdoor lighting needs. Learn four tips for lighting your kitchen, and shop with us today!

kitchen chandelier

Pick the Right Fixtures

There is no doubt there are a lot of different lighting fixtures available. While this is great for variety, it can make choosing kitchen lighting for your kitchen challenging. Begin by determining your style, so you can then narrow down your fixture selections.

under cabinet lights

Add Task Lighting

You do a lot of tasks in your kitchen, from chopping vegetables to washing dishes. It’s imperative to have great task lighting for these jobs. Some great task lighting options for your Bozeman kitchen include adding undercabinet lights and spotlights in the areas that you use the most.

island pendants

Explore New Designs

Kitchen lighting evolves constantly, as trends come and go and then come again. If your kitchen is beginning to feel outdated, perhaps a simple change in lighting design is the answer.

large island pendent

Invest in Lighting Controls

Most likely, you use your kitchen for a myriad of activities, from doing your homework to having coffee with friends. By installing lighting controls in your kitchen, you’ll be able to adjust the lighting to meet these different needs.


Distinctive Lighting in Bozeman is proud to be your go-to lighting store. Shop all of our indoor and outdoor lighting designs to make your space sizzle and shine. Stop by, or browse online today!

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