Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, and many of us look forward to this holiday every year. It’s a time to be grateful for the many blessings this year and a chance to spend some quality time with our families. This Thanksgiving, bring some extra light and cheer to your festivities with these four tips below, and Shop Distinctive Lighting’s wide selection at our lighting store in Bozeman today!

Thanksgiving meal on table lit with strong lights and candles

Invest in Some String Lights

Hang string lights around your dining room or wherever you’ll be spending time with family and friends. String lights offer a great ambiance both for the main meal and for afterwards when you’re enjoying coffee and dessert.

Candles on candle holders

Use Candles

Candles are a great way to brighten your Thanksgiving holiday. Not only can you use them to add some light, but scented candles can really bring Thanksgiving to life. Put candles in all of the windows in your home today.

A kitchen island light

Consider Great Kitchen Island Centerpiece Lighting

Kitchen island lighting offers great task lighting that you can use when preparing your Thanksgiving meal. Plus, it can help layer your lighting for an all-around mesmerizing effect. Just for fun, bring some sparkle to the table with glitter place mats for highlights.

A vintage-style light bulb

Go Vintage

You can use your current lighting fixtures but change out the light bulbs to add a beautiful touch to your Thanksgiving holiday. Consider vintage-style light bulbs to add some great charm while you enjoy Thanksgiving dinner.


With these simple tips, you can add some extra light and happiness to your Thanksgiving holiday. Distinctive Lighting is proud to be your go-to Bozeman, Montana lighting store for more than 30 years and counting. Shop all of our indoor, outdoor, and holiday lighting today!

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