Kitchen islands truly add to your kitchen. They offer more space, and they are a great place where others can be with you while you cook the family meal. Distinctive Lighting offers the best kitchen island lighting in Bozeman. Below, we’ll offer up some tips on how to find the right kitchen island lighting. Shop with us today!

simple white pendant lights

Fixture Size

First, you should determine the size of the fixtures for your kitchen island needs. Many people make the mistake of investing in lighting fixtures that are too small because they think their space is small. You should choose lighting fixtures that are large enough to adequately light your kitchen island space.

drum lights over island

Fixture Length

Another common mistake people make when choosing kitchen island lighting is not measuring for fixture length. You don’t want your lighting fixtures to hit your head when washing dishes, nor do you want them so far away they don’t do much good.

simple black pendants


You’ll want to match your kitchen island lighting design to the rest of your kitchen. Consider such trends as black matte finishes with brass for a beautiful, timeless look, or choose a glass pendant light that melts into the decor.

chandelier over island


Remember, you do a lot of tasks in your kitchen, so you want to ensure your kitchen island lighting is bright above all else. You can do this with multiple bulbs in your lighting fixture or use LED light bulbs instead.


Our lighting designers can’t wait to help you find the perfect kitchen island lighting for your needs. In addition, we offer all types of indoor, outdoor, and landscape lighting that can not only add light, but can also add beauty. Schedule a consultation with a lighting consultant today!

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