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When you’re trying to upgrade your home, one of the best choices is to change up your lighting design. The team at Distinctive Lighting is here to partner with you and give you the best options for changing up your lighting! Learn more about some of our tips here and contact our expert team to schedule a personal consultation today.

beautifully staged dining room with a table and chairs

Ambient Lighting

The first thing you’ll need to consider in any room is the ambient lighting. This is your main fixture or set of fixtures that will provide the majority of the light for the room. This can include ceiling fans, chandeliers, recessed lighting, and much more. Find the perfect design with us!

A window view with a wall sconce and small table

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting does just what it sounds like — provides accents for the space. These can be sconces, lamps, or other fixtures that don’t provide as much light as your ambient fixtures. They can draw attention to certain details or be used to give more texture to your space.

modern luxury bathroom with plants and beautiful decor

Task Lighting

For task lighting, this is designed to help you get work of any type done. Task lighting may not be needed in every room, depending on what you do in each room. Some popular types of task lights are under cabinet lights, lamps, or bright bathroom fixtures. Each of these can help you see important details much easier than your ambient or accent lights may.

modern kitchen with natural lighting and dining room table

Lighting Controls

When you find the right lights for your home, you will want to be able to easily control each fixture or set of fixtures to give your home the best feel for any occasion. Explore lighting controls like dimmers, dedicated switches, or smart lighting!

No matter what your design plans are, you can count on the team at Distinctive Lighting to help you find the high-quality fixtures and options for you. Contact our team now to get started!

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