1. Signs You Need a New Lamp Shade

    Lamps are very versatile lighting options for your Bozeman, Montana home. In fact, you can use lamps in every room in your home, and by changing the size of your lamp, you immediately change its function. Did you know to change the look of your lamp, you can simply change its shade? Distinctive Lighting has been serving the Gallatin Valley and Southwest Montana area for more than 30 years. Our cer…Read More

  2. Featured Image Of Ceiling Fan

    Ceiling Fans To Die For

    As the summer heats up here in Bozeman, you are probably looking for ways to beat the heat. One great way that can actually save you money is to invest in a ceiling fan. Ceiling fans help to move air around, creating a wonderful cooling effect you can enjoy. Distinctive Lighting is a local lighting store in Bozeman that you'll love, offering a wide selection of indoor, outdoor, and landscape light…Read More

  3. 4 Great Ways To Use Landscape Lighting

    Landscape lighting has the ability to transform your outdoor space from drab to amazing with a simple flip of a switch. Distinctive Lighting is proud to bring you the best landscape lighting in Bozeman. Below, we'll go over four great ways to use landscape lighting for your outdoor living space. Shop today! Front Porch Lighting You need to be able to see to put your house key into the lock late at…Read More

  4. Finding the Right Kitchen Island Light

    Kitchen islands truly add to your kitchen. They offer more space, and they are a great place where others can be with you while you cook the family meal. Distinctive Lighting offers the best kitchen island lighting in Bozeman. Below, we'll offer up some tips on how to find the right kitchen island lighting. Shop with us today! Fixture Size First, you should determine the size of the fixtures for y…Read More

  5. 4 Tips for Lighting Your Kitchen

    Your kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your home, so you want to be able to have the best source of lighting available. Distinctive Lighting is a Bozeman, Montana, lighting store that serves area homeowners and business owners with their indoor and outdoor lighting needs. Learn four tips for lighting your kitchen, and shop with us today! Pick the Right Fixtures There is no doubt there …Read More

  6. Finding the Right Sized Chandelier

    Finding the right sized chandelier can be challenging. You don't want one too big to overwhelm the space or one too small to disappear and not do its job of keeping you cool during the summer months. Distinctive Lighting is a Bozeman, Montana, lighting store dedicated to helping our residential and commercial customers find the perfect lighting for their needs. Below, we'll go over tips on how to …Read More

  7. Closeup of an exterior light on a brick wall

    4 Fun Summer Lighting Projects

    Summer is one of the best times to tackle projects around the house. The warm weather and longer daylight hours make it possible to get a lot done and still be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor. If you have been thinking about updating some of the lighting in your home, you’re in luck — this blog entry is all about fun lighting projects! Installing New Kitchen Light Fixtures Updating the …Read More

  8. A modern home with exterior lights

    What Kind Of Lighting Do I Need For The Exterior Of My Home?

    Exterior lighting is important for making sure that your home looks and feels safe. If you aren’t sure where to start with outdoor lighting, keep reading this blog entry then head on over to Distinctive Lighting in Bozeman! Task Lighting A well-lit exterior is important for both the aesthetic appeal of a home and the safety of its occupants. When choosing exterior lighting, it is important to co…Read More

  9. Home Lighting Design Tips

    Take Your Home To The Next Level When you’re trying to upgrade your home, one of the best choices is to change up your lighting design. The team at Distinctive Lighting is here to partner with you and give you the best options for changing up your lighting! Learn more about some of our tips here and contact our expert team to schedule a personal consultation today. Ambient Lighting The first thi…Read More